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What is SF DFI?

            Special Force(named Soldier Front in the North American version and often abbreviated as SF) is an online free-to-play first-person shooter developed by the South Korean game developer Dragonfly. By January 2006, 8 million users have been registered in South Korea alone. The game has expanded to several countries around the world since its debut in 2004 in South Korea. Dragonfly continues to expand the game around the world and plans to expand into the Middle East, India, and Russia market. The Indonesian version of the game was discontinued in March 2012.

Soldier Front is currently being published by Aeria Games for North American users. In October 2009, a European server was added to this version of the game to fix latency issues with the large amount of European players. The North American version of the game has been transferred over to Aeria Games due to the acquisition of ijji by Aeria Games.

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SF DFI d-coin hack 2015

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SF DFI d-coin hack 2015

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